The Interview

World War II has some fascinating angles to look at. From the inside the battlefield to a family’s basic home.

I thought it would be interesting to interview someone who had and experience from World War II outside the battle. People’s lives were heavily affect by this war, either personally or economically, it would be surprising to hear that no one was affect during that period.

I decided I wanted to interview my grandmother on her personal experience with the war. Though she was a young girl at the time living in America. She and her family were impacted by how the war itself forced them to ration and be in constant fear of what is to happen next.

I hope that during my interview with her I would gain insight of what it was like to be a child growing up in World War II.

From the interview I would need to construct a narrative out of it. To make the story impacting or interesting, I would need to combine her story with facts of the basic lively hood of Americans during that war period. I would also need to focus on her perspective the most, since it is her story, while explaining how she acted during the interview and her current living situation is now.

I hope to ask her these five questions:

  1. How much of the war were you aware as you were growing up?

> How have your feelings or perspective changed then to now?

2. Did you have any close family or friends that did enter the war, Who were they?

> Have you remained in personal contact with them when they were in the war or after? Do you still contact them?

3. How did you react when you learned about the Holocaust?

> Did you ever meet a Holocaust survivor? Did they change your views about how the war was?

4. How was school like during that period?

>Did teachers or school staff constantly inform students about the war? Were there any drills related to the war?

5. How were you and your family economically during that era?

> Since many raw materials were invested into the war, did you ever donate, or even forced to donate?



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