Reviwing Our Story

I based my narrative from my grandmother’s account of world war II, and I feel that I focused much more on why the things happened to her rather than create a story from it. I would describe the drafting or the rationing that occurred in Mexico, but I did not take into a detailed account of what happened during those events. I want to be able to add in more of what happened to my grandmother, more of her opinions and actions towards those changes in her life.

The main focus of the story is my grandmother, Valencia, who lived through World War II in early childhood. I was hoping to try to describe what it was like to be a child living through a war, how it affected them and what they saw the world around them. It be different than that of an adult but I felt it needed more substance as to what her perspective was. She told me more of what was happening but not exactly much about herself too much.

There were other characters such as her aunt and uncle but they were minor characters though they contributed to the plot as people who were also affected by the war during that period. I could describe them a little bit more to add more to the plot and how my grandmother’s relations with them affected her view of the war. The aunt was one who was able to forward herself for the equality of women to men. The uncle was a soldier and so was her brother, they were living in America at the time with her father. Unfortunately the cousin and uncle did not fair so well, suffering from burns and deaths. The father faired much more better but he still was a worker for the war itself, which was why he was not drafted into the army, his contribution was an alternative from fighting in battles. I felt that learning about the the adults through a child’s perspective might have been different and interesting but I wrote it somewhat bland and more factual.

I wanted the plot of the story to have a basic moral of how it’s not only adults who are hurt but the children, the ones that needed the most protection. They don’t necessarily contribute to the war but they do suffer in other ways. I should have had more of her perspective in it than my own and my facts.


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